Already graduated as an engineer? Congratulations, we haven't yet! Escpecially for you graduated people, a umber of activities are planned. You also have the opportunity to become an honorary member of VTK. If you plan to regularly visit VTK activities, this is definitely recommended!

Alumni activities

The year will be filled with a number of alumni activities, ranging from an After Work Party during the week to Oude Zakkenavonden in fakbar 't ElixIr on Friday evening. If you want to stay informed about all relevant activities, there are 3 options:

  • It is possible to download a Google Calendar in which all relevant alumni events are taken up.
  • You can join the VTK Alumni facebook group where updates are posted regularly.
  • You can send an email to to be added to the mailing list that will receive a monthly newsletter with upcoming activities.

The alumni association of engineers also regularly organizes events, more about this can be found at

Honorary members

Anyone who does not study at a Belgian university or college can apply as an honorary member. Each ex-praesidium member receives an honorary membership of one academic year free of charge. You can choose when to use this, as long as this is within five years after graduation. It is also possible to buy an honorary membership for €50. As an honorary member, you receive a discount of €3 on VTK activities with a maximum of the entrance fee. The gala and cantuses are free to attend. For the latter (gala & cantuses) you will receive a form in advance, so you can register earlier than other alumni. If you are not an honorary member, you register like everyone else. You can become an honorary member by sending an email to and requesting your honorary membership. The Administrative Manager will be happy to help you and provide the necessary information.