Annual Task Forces

An annual taskforce is a group of enthusiast people who want to organise some wonderful activities for their year members. Most of the time, they organise a full week of the best activities you have ever seen, but some opt to spread them out over the entire year.

Some inspiration on activities: A fakbar party, a sold out cantus, a (successful!) speed date, movie night, BBQ … But feel free to be creative!

The activities are a nice bonus, but the best thing about an annual taskforce is all the new, awesome people you meet! The many team buildings over the year make sure that your group really forms a unit!

Interested? Check the following list of groups and mail to our vice! () for more info!

To our deepest regret, all of the groups in the list work in Dutch. Of course you can still check out their awesome activities.

  • Kanweek - First- & Second bachelor Engineering(-Architect)
  • Halftime – Third bachelor Engineering (-Architect)
  • Parttime – First master Engineering (-Architect)
  • Fulltime - Second master Engineering (-Architect)
  • Duplex – Second bachelor Engineering Architect
  • Triplex – Third bachelor Engineering Architect