Student Representatives explanation and registration

On this page you can retrieve the names of the student representatives who represent you in:

  • POC
  • Departmental council
  • Department board

As well as all the information about the student representative elections!

Don't hesitate to contact us via if you have any questions.

Student representative elections

The Student representative elections have started! If you would like to stand as a River candidate, you can do so by filling in this form.

You can apply until Wednesday 11/10 23:59. After that, the form will be closed. After the application period, an objection period will start. Your name and some details will be published to the students, giving everyone the opportunity to submit an objection if necessary.

Are there no objections after the objection period? Then you are officially elected as a representative! If not, the neucom will launch an election. The full procedure, as a supplement to VTK's Internal Regulations, can be found here (only in Dutch).

The objection period still runs until Monday 16/10 23h59.

Neutral Committee (Neucom)

The members of this year's Neutral Committee are yet to be ellected. They can be reached collectively at the email address . They watch over the smooth running of the Student representative elections.

If you want to file an appeal against the Neucom, you can do so by sending an email to .

Student representatives


(Definition) Student Representative (Named RiVer in Dutch): A student seated in the POC of their field of study to represent their fellow students.
Always dreamt of working on improving your educational program? Ensuring your courses are of the highest quality? Representing your fellow students in meetings with professors? Or do you just like to eat tasty sandwiches? Then you should become a Student Representative!

For each discipline in our faculty, there are some students who take on the role of Student Representative (RiVer). They are the point of contact for other students and represent their discipline to the professors. Their main task is to sit on the Permanent Education Committee, POC for short. This is a meeting together with some professors and assistants from the programme and is chaired by the programme director. Apart from this, they are also always eager to help the students of their discipline with problems.

Rivers are our and the faculty's Backbone!

What is expected of you?

  • That you briefly introduce yourself in class after the election, so that your yearmates know that you are their point of contact for education-related problems
  • That you attend the POC meetings (about 6 times a year) and provide input there in a constructive and tactful manner.
  • That you express the general opinion of the students from your year and discipline and do not put forward your own opinion.
  • That you check the ECTS files of the courses in your programme for errors, help keep the course wikis and the burgieclan up to date and report missing courses to our book store.

What do you get in return?

  • A unique opportunity to participate in the improvement of your education.
  • The opportunity to develop a whole range of skills that you do not practise by just attending class and studying. You will learn how to defend certain positions and how to communicate professionally with professors.
  • Eternal thanks from Education and from your students.
  • And finally, as a bonus, a thank you from Education and invitation to River activities.

It's not going to take a big chunk out of your free time at all, should you fear. You certainly shouldn't be afraid of the professors either, they appreciate the students' contribution! It will be an interesting year to be River, as cases such as class recordings will be discussed at the POCs.


You can also see see all present and past Student Representatives at the POC overview.