Rental service


Because not every student owns a car capable of moving around all their furniture, VTK members are able to rent the van for personal use. There are however a couple of conditions attached to this:

  • We are not a moving company with a lot of vans or personnel. We might not always be able to help you.
  • The person who rents the van pays 7,5€ per hour, with a minimum of 7,5€.
  • If you hire our van, you can NOT drive it yourself. VTK will provide a driver. If nobody is available to drive (or the van is in use for VTK), we unfortunately can't help you.
  • Our drivers are volunteers and are not paid, therefore we expect you to provide enough people to load and unload the van.
  • At least 1 or 2 passengers should always depart with the van (location will be made clear in the response to the request). Without passengers the van will NOT depart!
  • To request use of the van you can send a mail to , at least 2 weeks in advance.


You want to make a banger of a party, your bicycle broke and you have no material to fix it? VTK to the rescue!

A brief summary of our inventory:

  • Standard tools: hammers, screwdrivers, wrenches, saws,...
  • Electrical tools: drills, a circular saw, a sander,...
  • Electrical equipment: spots, construction lights, extension cords,...
  • Audio: speakers, mixer, microfones, ...
  • Other: beer jugs, painting equipment, fridges, and much more

If you want to lend any of the materials in our offer, send us a mail at including a list of the materials you'd like to lend and at what time you will come to pick them up and drop them back off. If you need any help moving the materials, see "Transport".

Beware: On all of our materials we aks for a security deposit. The amount will be given in the answer to the request per mail. For all VTK events material is needed and there is therefore no guarantee that the material will be available.

A list with all of the materials a student can lend is on its way...