We always have something for you!

VTK wants to move you, and make you move! That’s why we organise a wide range of activities throughout the year: there’s something for everybody.


A first thing Sport organises, are the traditional VTK-competitions: soccer, basketball, volleyball and frisbee.


Do you want to defend VTK's sporting honour? Then the Interfaculty Cup (abbreviated IFB in Dutch) is for you! This is the ball sports competition between Leuven's student circles, where we battle it out to become the best in all of Leuven in both football, volleyball and basketball! ⚽🏀🏐 More info can be found here.

Dance lessons

Another thing that shouldn’t be forgotten: the yearly dance lessons. This year also, there will be a motivated teacher to unveal the dance talent in each of you! More info here.

24-hours run

Naturally, VTK participates in the 24-hours run on the 24th of Octobre. To prepare you as best as possible, we will organise running training for all levels during the first month fo the academic year. We want to reclaim the title of 24-hours champions this year, so make sure to help us achieve it! More info here.

Sport of the Month

We also continue with Sport of the Month. Each month we will present another rather rarely practised sport, like paintball, ski, etc. This can also be initiations, given by professional teachers. All info can be found in the VTK sports group or on the main page of the VTK-site.


Do you have other nice ideas yourself? Let us know about them and maybe we will make them happen!

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