It’s a well-known fact, VTK exists for and through its members! If you’ve always wanted to help with a VTK activity, this is your chance! Help on one of our many activities, the bookstore, Theokot or the fakbar. How? Take a look at the site with our job list and choose a shift. Place to be: To keep an overview on all your shifts, you can automatically add them to your google calendar with ICal!

“What does it serve me?” I hear you think. First of all, it’s quite fun and secondly, you get rewarded.


  1. On a shift, you get free drinks (as long as you don’t get absolutely hammered)
  2. Secondly, you get 1 coupon for each hour of work. The coupon for each hour is worth 1 euro. These coupons can be spent in Theokot or ‘t Elixir, but not on events. For shifts after 02.00, you get 1.5 coupon for each hour (Your Vice rounds up of course).
  3. If that’s not enough, after three shifts, you’re invited to the helpers party at the end of the year!
  4. After 15 shifts, you become a fixed helper. This means that you become a member of a close group of friends that lies close to the heart of VTK. The group ambiance is unbelievable. There’re many teambuilding actives and you get priority on some VTK activities! You even get a free custom T-shirt!


After 10, 20, 50 and 100 shifts, you get a fitting surprise at the end of the year for exceptional help to the VTK story!


A brief summary:


  1. For each shift on a big TD , you get 3 euro back on your income ticket (to a maximum of the price of the ticket, ticket needs to be bought upfront)
  2. On a normal one, you will be put on the helpers list and get free entry.


  1. For each shift that lasts a part, you get payed back half of the entry price. 2 x tapping= free cantus. (You get payed back up to the price of a thicket, nothing more). If you drink your own drinks/water, you can cantus free for just one shift
  2. Build-up and breakdown are coups shifts
  3. Steward shifts that last just fifteen minutes are also for coupons

Fakbar ‘t ElixIr:

When you help on normal evening, you get 10 helpers coupons. For parties, when the shifts are separated in smaller timeslots, the normal rules applies (see above)

Receiving coupons

To collect your coupons, you need to contact the vice. If you want to know if she’s available at his residence (ground floor block 6, Arenberg) send her a message on messenger or mail


If you have questions after this crystal clear explanation, you can mail the vice. Furthermore you can contact her if you have problems with the shifts lists, your boy/girlfriend or you just need a talk. If you insist,s he will even send you a weekly update mail for the shifts. Not convinced? As a helper, you get my eternal thanks and respect. And that’s worth a lot :)