For over 50 years does a big group of engineers and architects a spectacle where we can laugh with all our profs. Therefore, we combine theatre, dance and live music. The script is handwritten, the décor is handmade, the costumes are sewed, the dances are created by us and even the music parts are recomposed by us! Different subgroups work together to create the result. You want to be seen? Join Actors, Music+ (singing) and dance. Afraid of the stage, join the crew behind the scenes. The groups of writing, décor, textile, promo, catering, technique, or IT will more than welcome you. Besides that, we do plenty of intern teambuilding’s like a Christmas party, a cantus … All of this is done in Dutch.


We are existenz, a driven group of students engineer-architect at KU Leuven. We work the whole year on different projects to share our creativity. Existenz analyses architecture, how it moves, where it boundaries lie and how we can redefine them. We bring known theory in practice, bridge the gap between art and technique. Existenz is active since 1995 and spits out new ideas every year. More info can be found on


Who are we

I want to do more in my studies than just studying and partying. I want to expand on my hard and soft skills that nobody teaches me in the aula. I want to discover Europe without worrying about money or taking a break in my studies. I want to learn to organise and coordinate professional events. I want to be part of an international network. I try to prepare myself as good as possible for my life after my studies. If you recognise yourself in this discussion, then Best is there for you!

BEST (Board of European Students of Technology) is an ever-expanding international organisation consisting of technique, science and engineering students. Our organisation counts 3500 members at 96 universities distributed over 34 other European countries.

More info

To get more info, check our site, Facebook, and Instagram. To become a part of BEST, fill in this form. For more info over the BEST international, you can surf to the international website.


The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. Are you a 3rd Bachelor, Master student or just finished studying Engineering sciences at KU Leuven? Then IAESTE offer you the opportunity offers you the opportunity to get a paid internship at a company or research institute in a country abroad. With our experiences you don’t only have a perfect addition for your CV, you also get to meet a lot of new friends abroad. IASTE helps you with everything, ranging from your home to your visa and work permit. Furthermore, the ‘local committee’) organises different events to familiarize you with the local culture and other trainees. IASTE is always looking for new enthusiast members to support the current team. We try to meet every two weeks with all the members and the current international trainees. So, if you want to drink a beer from time to time, contact companies and help with organising international parties or weekends? IASTE is there for you! Interest in a internship? The internships come online on January 28. Before that date, you can already specify your preference on the new IASTE wish list. There will be an info evening on 14/12 at 20h in BOKU 03.22. Want to support the team? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are always looking for support! You can always contact us on our Facebook page or by sending us an email via


Who are we

Statix is a student association for the student of civil engineering at KU Leuven. As workgroup of VTK Leuven we try to match the theory to the practice by offering a variety of activities. Furthermore, we work closely with the department so that we can adapt our activities to the practical needs of the students.

What do we do

Each semester, we organise six to eight activities which tries to show all different aspects of civil engineering. There is quite a variety in activities, ranging from a company visit to a lecture, a workshop, a case study…

For who

Statix focusses on bachelor and master students in from civil engineering and engineering architect. Since some of the topics of our activities can be quiet broad, we open up to students from other courses.

Be sure to check, facebook of instagram


Who are we? / What do we do?

Chemix is a team of motivated students, which organizes events catered towards students with a passion or some curiosity for Chemical Engineering Sciences (CIT).

What type of events can you expect from us?

The events our team organizes can be categorized into 3 buckets: Fun, Educational and Professional. The fun events have the goal of engaging students and chemistry in an exciting way , and connecting those students. The educational events have the goal of adding onto the topics covered during chemical courses and creating a better chemical understanding of the world around you. Finally, the professional events have the goal of creating a profound understanding of how the concepts of the courses are translated into the professional environment of companies.