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Students are free to share there opinions about the past semester. Did you love certain courses? Were there handbooks who not useful or to limited? Did you appreciate the help of the assistants? Did you know how you would be examined before the exam period? The KU Leuven wants to know it all with the help of the online student evaluation of teaching

WHAT is the point of filling out this evaluation? Does it matter? Of course! Through the online student evaluation of teaching, good practices can be acknowledged and problems can be tackled. Teaching quality is extremely important for the KU Leuven. Therefore, several initiatives, among which the student evaluation of teaching, are undertaken to check the quality of teaching. Via the online student evaluation students are given the opportunity to voice their opinions of the teaching and courses they have received during the semester.

WHY can't I evaluate all my courses? Good news everyone! From now on you only have to evaluate a few courses! The online student evaluation of teaching is organized twice a year (at the end of each semester), but the evaluation of the course units is spread over a period of three year. This implies that each semester only one third of the courses are being evaluated and that students will be asked to evaluate only a fraction of the courses they were enrolled for. However, a number of course units are re-evaluated quicker.


More information about the online students evaluation of teaching