Vlaamse Technische Kring

You are in your last year as a student and aren't receiving mails? You are studying for an additional master degree and want to stay informed about our activities and company messages? This page will help you

I'm in my last year and am not receiving mails from our Corporate Relations team?

In this case we recommend to check your registration on the VTK website. If you weren't registered yet, please do so. If you already did, check whether you gave the correct mail address. It's also important to register for the correct master programme, we send out mails based on the programme supplied on our site.

I'm still a student but not anymore at the Faculty of Engineering Science

Register yourself on the VTK website for the master programme you followed at our faculty. You will be included in the Corporate Relations mailing lists.

I'm still a student but not at KU Leuven

In this case you can send an e-mail to . We will manually add you to the relevant lists.