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Skitrip 2020

The skitrip of 2020 will be from 01/02/2020 until 09/02/2020. Just like last year VTK will work together with HoogteStage to organise a memorable week. We're going to Thyon located in the ski area Les 4 Vallées in Switzerland!

In case you have any questions, you can always send a mail to .


Pre-registration is once again online! So no long queues in Theokot or anything like that. You can just register from your couch, kitchen table or whichever cosy place you like. But how does it actually work? The registration happens here, and there you can also find more information about the registration This form opens on Sunday 13 October at 20 PM and closes on Sunday 20 October at 20 PM! On Monday 21 October we send the instructions to all people who pre-registered.

The Basic Package

The price for the basic package amounts to 490 euro, this for members and non-members both.

This includes:

Make sure you’re a member of Hello Bank (becoming a member is totally free), otherwise you have to pay €50 extra.


We stay in a small town at the foot of the slopes: Les Collons, which is also the name of our residence. You can literally ski to the door of the appartements which is very convenient. In the same building there’s also a party room, where you can go wild after a long day in the snow. The appartements come in different sizes. There are chambers of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and even 7 people, but most of them are for 4, 5 or 6 people. All the appartements are provided with bedding, a washing machine, a coffeemaker and a little kitchen. The only thing you have to provide for yourself is cleaning supplies, some kitchen herbs and towels, of course some clothes may come in handy as well.

Ski pass

A ski pass of 6 days is included in the travel sum, which is valid from sunday till friday. Do you want to ski or snowboard on the last day (when we leave in the evening)? Then there is the possibility to extend the pass for 7 days. There is also an option to increase the range of the pass. The standard one is valid for the region Printze (220 km of slopes). This can be increased to the whole region of 4 Vallées (412 km of slopes).

Individual transport

The posibility always exists to travel with your own mode of transportation. If you decide to do so, you get a discount of 80 EUR on the trip.

Ski and snowboard rentals

There is the possibility to rent equipment beforehand with Hoogtestage at a more profitable price. We guarantee that there’s enough equipment available. It’s strongly recommended to rent equipment here. If you do so and you have some issues with your equipment, you can always count on them to switch something or repair it without a lot of trouble.



Any information about insurance can be found on the site of Hoogtesage.