International students

Just arrived in Leuven? For you, we have made a small guide to help you settle, so make sure to check out Getting started. Although Belgium has 3 official languages, everything in Leuven is in Dutch. The Glossary will help you blend in on campus. For most international students is the concept of a student union, like it exists here in Leuven, very unusual. Under VTK? you can find an explanation about who we at VTK are and what we do for you.

VTK organises all kind of different activities, from parties to barbecues to reading, cantusses and events with companies. Some events are for different groups, for example activities only for first-year students other only for international students or local students. However we provide a lot of activities for all the students. Everything we offer can be found in our Calendar. For internationals specifically, look at the text that is added to each event. It will always be added when an event will happen in Dutch or when it is ment for local students. Other activities are very much open for all students, local and international.

Furthermore we also provide special partys is our own FakBar. These can be found on their Facebook page.

Activities to watch out for as an international student

These activities are organised for international students only. So definitely keep a watch out for this!

  • 20th of September until 22nd: Orientation Days
  • 30th of September and 1st of oktober: October Fest
  • 12th of October: First international Cantus
  • 21st and 22nd of October: City trip to Bruges
  • 1st of November: Halloween party
  • 1st of December: International Cantus
  • 5th of December: Stella Brewery Visit