Vlaamse Technische Kring

Where to find VTK?


Our general email address is . If you're an international student, you can contact us at . You can also find more information here.

Blok 6 (Official Seat)

Blok 6 is part of Student quarter Arenberg (Cité). Next to our secretariat and meeting room, twenty praesidium members are housed there.

Studentenwijk Arenberg 6, Bus 0
3001 Heverlee
Tel: 016/20.00.97


The Theokot is our multipurpose bar. At noon, you can get a sandwich and a drink there, at night there are quizzes, movie screenings, receptions,...

Kasteelpark Arenberg 41
3001 Heverlee

Fakbar 't ElixIr

't ElixIr is our very own student pub, open from Sunday 'till Thursday, from 22h until the party ends.

Tervuursevest 60
3000 Leuven